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A contre jour
Dream City I Festival of art in public space I Tunis 2017


“A contre-jour” is a multi-media site specific installation commissioned for Dream City 2017. It is the result of a 6-month residency in the slums of the Medina of Tunis during which I followed five young people in their daily life.

The installation deals with the hopes, illusions and disillusions of Tunisian youth through a particular insight.

In photography, there is backlight when light hits the subject from the opposite side to the direction in which it is viewed ; the characteristics of the subject then disappear to the benefit of what surrounds it.

It is through this factual insight that begins the story shared today by a large part of our youth. This semi-darkness where the subject disappears in favor of the violence and precariousness of his environment will however give way to another light ; the one that each of these young people carries as an individual.

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