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The series « Body Talks » offers a displacement of the landmarks of the identity and a representation of the body as site of politics. 
Under theses scarves with flamboyant patterns of colored flowers called “hindia”, there are regular media faces. They are activists, bloggers, dancers, designers, men and women fighting for liberties. Here, I asked them to give up the notoriety that their ID conveys and to let their body tell their own story, commitment and fights.
A true challenge for me as well as for the models; the task consists of revealing a political, social body crossed by History, laws, hopes and disillusions, euphoria and anger rather than figures known from wide public.
As complicity and trust are forged, body language releases its inhibition, allowing the dawning of wounds, fragility, but also strength and courage of these bodies challenging violence, discrimination and daily-life unfairness. Offered for the viewer to see in a true self-giving, these portraits design the contours of current issues disturbing contemporary societies : homophobia, racism, and sexism. Here, tattoos and jewelries are not only innocent ornaments, they are also means of communication and protection.


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