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Tarz ( Weaving time )


 «Tarz» in Arabic means embroidery. In this photo installation, archival photos are mixed with! recent pictures I've taken in Tunisia since the beginning of revolution. The two series of images are woven together with a red silk embroidery (tarz) to form a tapestry or memorial. Signifying national identity by employing the colour of the Tunisian flag as well as blood ties, the red stitching provides a visual continuum of public and private memory in an attempt to bring an answer to the issue of the fragmentation of the collective memory.

 Here, the thread that connects past with present goes back in time and transcends it. It crosses a generational mosaic, and becomes a symbol of continuity and transmission. It takes its roots in the archive and revives in the news. It sutures the wounds and unifies the broken field of memory.

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